Web Base Customer Service System Features:


Web based, nothing to install


Your dealers/distributors/partners can access your system by visiting your special url, something like http://dealer.your-domain-name.com, or http://partners.your-domain-name.com.It’s as simple as that for your customers and your staff.




Configure Your Product



Nauvou supports radio buttons as well as check boxes to select features and options. With radio buttons each grouping can have only one item selected. Radio buttons would be used for things like color, where you can only have one color in the group.  Check boxes allow you to check as many features as you like. Check boxes are used for things like safety chains where the consumer either wants them or not.




Product Ordering



Each line item on your order can be configured. You may build a configuration and then order multiples.




Product Order Tracking







Warranty registrations



All on line, no more cards. Dealers enter warranty registrations, that reduces the inventory on hand for the dealer.  This gives you a good idea about consumer level sales.  We support multiple owners.




Users manuals


Pdf, word, wordperfect, corel, whatever you have is supported.


Workflow automation



As you process orders, partners/dealers are automatically updated by their web interface.




On-line communication with dealers and distributors



Every partner has their own special web site. When they sign in, only their information is shown!




Product and consumer registration


Keep your complete list of end users in the system, information automatically updated by your dealers/partners. Send mailings, send email, keep them informed, they will buy again!




Identification management


In other words, you are in control of what people and partners can access. At the stroke of a mouse, you can disable a dealer/partner employee, or the entire dealer/partner.




Customized advertising to dealer and distributor network


Deliver a special dealer message to your dealers/partners. Don’t just let the consumer flow over into your dealer/partner base.


Proven technology




Effective business strategy for previously manual systems


We automate all of the repetitive tasks that you must perform for your partners.




Dealers Need:

  • Firefox or Chrome or  IE 10 Web Browser
  • Or Any Android Device


Manufacturers Need:

  • Firefox or Chrome or  IE 10 Web Browser


Mobile  is a customized Android application, that allows your dealers/partners/customers to access your information from their Tablet or Phone.

Note: The mobile app is a extension to Nauvou Dealer Portal.