The Nauvou web based customer support system provides the following benefits.

  • Consumers have up to date product information
  • You don’t have to purchase software and install upgrades
  • Web delivery reduces your printing costs
  • You have a database of registered users
  • Provides on-line approval
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Opportunity to sell additional products and increase your profit margin
  • Changed are immediately visible to your customers
  • Improves manufacturer-dealer relationships
  • Links transparently to your existing Internet pages
  • Improves bottom-line business strategies
  • Maintained with planned, orderly upgrades
  • Manages access and registration
  • Secures identification
  • Provides ancillary services for customization



Dealers Need:

  • Firefox or Chrome or  IE 10 Web Browser
  • Or Any Android Device


Manufacturers Need:

  • Firefox or Chrome or  IE 10 Web Browser


Mobile  is a customized Android application, that allows your dealers/partners/customers to access your information from their Tablet or Phone.

Note: The mobile app is a extension to Nauvou Dealer Portal.