Creating Mobile Content

How to add a Page



There are 2 ways to add new documents to your system.  


1.  Click on the green plus to the LEFT of the Category.

2. Click On New Document in the lower RIGHT side of the screen.


You will be presented with a screen that looks like this:


Screen for adding new page


Link Name,  this is so that you can make your browser links look pretty, instead of having some random number, you get to choose what the name of the link will be.  Something like the page title, without spaces is the best.

Page Title, is what users (dealers) will see when they are looking for information within a category.  Something helpful to the dealers would be a good choice.

For the body of your message you have lots of fun tools to explore.  You can make lists of various kinds, and embed pictures, change the color and size of your fonts.  Have Fun!


Now down at the bottom of the screen, a couple more important things.

Placing the page


After building your page, some additional information is needed.  

Attached File, is for something like a PDF attachment.  Or perhaps a video file, any of the fancy web document types, even a word document can be attached.


You must choose a category from the list.  If you need additional categories, go to keywords in the Manufacturers Only Menu and modify the category keyword.  Assuming that you don't want to lose your work up to this point, choose any category, save the document.  After you add the category edit this document and change the category.


Page active must have Yes selected or your dealers will not be able to see the document.  So this is a good way to build a page, and not publish it until later.

  Visibilityscope, is so that you may publish documents which only manufacturer employees may see.


IMPORTANT:  Text to show in the menu must have a value!  This is some very short description which shows up in the right menu for the top 4 entries.  Keep it very short!


Click Save Document when you are ready to commit your new document!


Order Status

There are four possible Order Statuses.

  1. Draft
  2. Ordered
  3. Accepted
  4. Shipped