Installation Instructions

The following is a guide that covers how to set up your new Nauvou app on your android tablet. Here you can find an overview of nauvou modules included in the release and instructions on installing and activating the tablet for dealers/partners.

Note: The Nauvou App is in the Google Play Store It installs just like any other App.


Step 1 - Find Google Play on Your Device

  1. See if you can find this icon on your device, and click it
  2. If you cannot find this icon, go to the next step, otherwise go to install App


If you did not find the Google Play icon, look for this icon, it stands for All Applications

Click the All Applications icon, and then find the Google Play Icon from you complete list of applications.
Keep in mind, there may be several pages of Applications, swipe your finger from right to left to see the second page.


Step 2 - Find the Application

  1. Press the Magnifying Glass Icon in the upper right corner of your screen
  2. Type Nauvou into the search bar
  3. Press the Nauvou Icon

 Now you should be able to click on the install button.


Once the Nauvou App is installed then your screen will look like this! Simply click on the open button and your good.



Note: Dealers/Partners will need to enter their credentials in the settings section of the App.



Dealers Need:

  • Firefox or Chrome or  IE 10 Web Browser
  • Or Any Android Device


Manufacturers Need:

  • Firefox or Chrome or  IE 10 Web Browser


Mobile  is a customized Android application, that allows your dealers/partners/customers to access your information from their Tablet or Phone.

Note: The mobile app is a extension to Nauvou Dealer Portal.