Nauvou Partner Portal is a web based application.  Their is nothing for you or your dealers to install.  We test with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome,  Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.  

Universal Content

You may deploy content regardless of the platform your dealers use to access your system. If you publish a large photograph of a product, the image will be scaled to fit the device that your dealer/partner uses. You can be confident that your information will be consistent across personal computers, tablets, and smart phones.


In order for your dealers/partners to access the special dealer content, they must enter their credentials the first time they use their mobile device. 

This configuration is accessed using the standard settings button on their device. In settings simply dealers/partners must simply enter the same userid and password they use on the personal computer system. Once the mobile device is linked to your Nauvou Dealer Portal, they are completely set up.

Always Connected

Using Nauvou Mobile your dealers will always have access to your latest information right in their pocket. Carrying the latest most accurate information on their tablet or smart phone assures you that they are using your latest most up-to-date documentation available.


Mobile for Nauvou is the revolutionary partner expansion to allow all of your dealers/partners to carry all of your product information in their hand. Nauvou provides a comprehensive set of building blocks to enable the rapid deployment and realization of a dealer community.

The system is designed so that you can update your dealers very quickly, every day if you desire. Every dealer will see your message on their pc, tablet or smart phone.