Using Twitter To Update Partners

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September 27, 2012Serving Manufacturers with Dealer Networks

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  • Using Twitter To Update Partners

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Using Twitter To Update Partners


Using the Web to Sell

Nauvou is pleased to announce the immediate availability of twitter integration to its B2B Partner Portal.  This new functionality now allows boat, trailer, work truck and electronics manufacturers to notify every dealer when fresh announcements are made on their partner web site.

Have you heard about twitter?  It’s been around since 2006.  So in the internet age twitter is established, almost an icon in the web social media business.  The purpose is to send short messages, usually including a web address (url) to your associates (followers in twitter speak).  Presumably, you send  information that your followers might find valuable.  For the manufacturer, this is ideally suited to keeping your partners (dealers) abreast of your activities in the marketplace.  Sure you could send an email, but email takes a lot of time, and people see email as a big intrusion, your customers might not make time read the email for quite a while.  Twitter total message size is 140 characters.  You must be succinct, precisely enough info for your follower to decide that this announcement is relevant to their current situation.  Use your other communications channels to deliver the content, your tweet is only a heads up, with a link to your material ( in our case, press release, product announcement, service bulletin, how-to guide, the usual material you distribute to your partners).

So, a tweet, is just a way to whisper in your partner’s ear.  You can only peak their interest.  Your web content must deliver on the tweet.

One important consideration in using twitter to contact your partners is that your partners self-select.  You offer the opportunity to subscribe to your twitter feed,  those that use the social media may take advantage of the technology.  At any time, you can see who is subscribed to your feed.  Using web analyzers you can see who clicks on your links.  Twitter is a free tool.  You can measure how good a job your staff is doing with Twitter in meeting the needs of your partners (dealers or distributors in our case)

When you make relevant business announcements click the tweet button, and a link is automatically sent to your followers!  We use the title of the document as the text of the tweet, and Nauvou attaches a link to the document you are viewing.  Tweeting with Nauvou is Faster, easier and better than email.  In the past, you might have taken the time to send an email to your list of dealers, and perhaps your partner received the message, now with seamless integration your dealers can subscribe to your feed.  You achieve much broader dissemination of your message, with the already built in security and authentication of the Nauvou Partner Portal platform.

Automatically Tweet; new-product announcements,  product specifications, special discounts, closeouts, updated manuals, new MSDS, tweet when any fresh literature is created.  The big advantage of tweeting is that it’s a short simple notification, so that your partner is up-to-date on your products.

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