One Click Partner Productivity Review

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October 19, 2012Serving Manufacturers with Partner Networks

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  • One Click Partner Productivity Review

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One Click Partner Productivity Review


Using the Web to Sell

Want to know how “things” are going in your partners business?  We can help with that.  You won’t even have to ask anyone for it.  Our Partner Productivity Review can be done as often as you like, all by yourself.  You can even do a review in the middle of the night.  If you look at the mechanics of purchasing, the process follows a fixed routine.

Click the map to go to the interactive version.

Click to see active map



1. Decide to order

2. Configure the product, choose options, select features, etc.

3. Place the order (finalize, or approve the submission)


4. Accept the order

5. Build or configure the product.

6. Ship the product


7. Sell the product

8. Register the Warranty

9. Provide Warranty Service

Today we will center in on Register the Warranty.  Using our system, your partner registers the consumer warranty, using his web browser.  This affords you the manufacture several advantages.

1. It’s timely.

2. Your Partner does the work.

3. You know who your consumers are.

4. You KNOW that a RETAIL sale occurred.

Very nice, more timely information, with little impact on your staff.   The cool map that you see, pinpoints each of your partners, the size of the circle is proportional to their registrations.  Clicking on a point will show how many products they registered, and what the original sales order total amount was.

Geographic points are generated automatically from the address of your partner.