What is a Forum?

What is a forum?


There are so many different names for a “forum”.  Some think of them as message boards or bulletin boards.  Some call them threaded discussions, discussion boards or discussion groups while others call them conferences.  Nauvou simply calls them forums.


Product Ordering

Nauvou provides manufacturers the ability to accept finished goods orders and complete business transactions with their dealers/distributors over the internet. In the Nauvou system, Finished goods have Serial numbers or VINs. Dealer or distributor inventory is tracked, dealer or distributor inventory is relieved when the product warranty is registered. Dealer/distributors enter end user sales information which registers the warranty, this provides you (the manufacturer) with consumer level sales tracking.


Adding New Documents

Nauvou provides the ability for you (the manufacturer) to create many different kinds of documents and make them available to your dealers/distributors.

At first this might look intimating, but it’s really quite straight forward.

Link Name is your name for the web page. It’s best to not have spaces, and the link name should be unique. It’s part of the web address. Make it look pretty for your dealers or distributors.


On-Line Trailer Ordering

Get More From Your Dealers 

Are you thinking of allowing your dealers to order trailers using the web? Do you see this as a long and complicated process, lots of impact on your over-all operations? Perhaps you are seeing the implementation of a complete ERP application in order to improve your order flow. You don’t have to change the world in order to improve the look that your dealers and customers see.


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