Turning Your Partner Network Into A Team

Do you think of your partners as competitors or a team working together to conquer the competition? Your view may be affecting the effectiveness of your team. Yes, your dealer network is your team. They are or can be an organism that works as an entity, learning from failures as well as successes. This article will help you build your partner team.


Automate Your Document Library

Finally, you are beginning to see that your manufacturing business has legs. You have accumulated some dealers, and they are consistently selling your product. Life is good, but… you are certainly having to work hard for your money. It’s not the manufacturing that drives you crazy, but all the piddling little details of keeping everyone up-to-date and on the same page Sometimes it seems that every partner has a totally distinct agenda, and a completely different view of your product.


8 Must Have B2B Web Design Elements for Boat Manufacturers

B2B websites are like Boats, while there are many differences, the basic functions must remain the same. With a boat, there is a hull, engine, seats, lights. If you borrow a boat or rent a boat, it only takes a few minutes to get underway. Web sites work the same way, there is a way to configure a product, retrieve technical information, ask a question and so on.


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