Using Warranty Issues To Ensure That Customer Sticks With You Forever

Have you ever really thought about what happens when a customer has a serious warranty issue? It’s your opportunity to SHINE, or perhaps fail miserably. Surely you have experienced the event, perhaps due to a problem with the product you purchased, or perhaps it was due to your mis-use. When the vendor goes out of their way to make sure that you are well taken care of, it’s something that you remember. Chances are, you will be a customer for life.


Eight Must Have B2B Web Design Elements for Work Truck Manufacturers

B2B websites are like Work Trucks, while there are wild differences, the basic functions must remain the same. With a work truck, there is a chassis, engine, seats, lights. If you borrow a work truck or change work trucks, it only takes a few minutes to get underway. Web sites work the same way, there is a way to configure a product, retrieve technical information, ask a question and so on.


Selling Through Dealers

If you are a manufacturer, choices must be made regarding how you will sell. Dealers, distributors, a single master distributor, direct. For those of you who choose to sell through multiple dealers or distributors, this article will describe some of the needs to support your partners.


Channel Management

Big Words For Some Highfalutin Systems.

 Just in case you manufacture something and are looking for some help, here’s a breakdown on one of the software applications you might need. It seems like everyone needs to make their product sound like it’s some kind of big deal. Well, sometimes it is a big deal, but in this case, I don’t think it needs to be a big deal for everyone.


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