Using Social Media To Update Your Customers

Social media, you can influence your existing dealers and distributors for very little money or effort.  I expect that you like myself believe that everyone would buy your product, if only they understood all of the value that you provide.  Now you can use social media to cost effectively make your partners understand your value.


Seven Reasons To Stop Allowing Password Sharing

(The evils of password sharing)

1. Know who your customers really are.
2. Allow key users more authority.
3. Speak with authority about who placed an order.
4. Hold individuals responsible for their actions.
5. Lock out partner employees when terminated.
6. Sell to individual employee classes.
7. Thank the individual who makes a comment.

Password sharing reduces your knowledge about your customer. Individual employees drive your sales, pay attention to those people who help further your cause. Communicate personally to drive more business.

The Nauvou partner portal, pushes responsibility and the authority to grant individuals the right to access your partner portal to the lead person at your partner’s business. You can of course revoke access to anyone, but it’s nice to put the authority in the proper place.

5 Ways to Promote Your Business Using Your Partner Portal

Every time you sign a new partner; you get several additional employees. Every day, one of your partners hires an employee. Do you act on those new employees? Are you welcoming?

Collect personal information when a partner gives access to your web portal. Get their home address, phone number, everything that you can.

Send your new partner an old fashioned welcome letter:


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