12 Reasons To Use Our Cloud Based Warranty System

Here are 12 of the many reasons you should consider a cloud based warranty claims system.

    1. Immediate deployment.

Web based solutions are available immediately,no waiting for the developers! You can see and change your deployment immediately.


    1. Viruses are not your worry.

Your cloud vendor is responsible for protecting your site. If you become dissatisfied you can simply move on.

    1. Known cost structure.

It’s a service, not something you purchased and must live with. You are in the drivers seat.

    1. No financial surprises.

What a concept. You really get what you pay for and want.

    1. Upgrades just happen.

We keep the systems up and running. As upgrades are required, it’s our business not yours to maintain computer systems.

    1. Synergy of having other users.

How cool, you can learn from others, it’s not just the school of hard knocks.

    1. Smooth transitions as you grow.

Need more pages, have more clients, even have some kind of product problem. You don’t have to buy bigger servers, we take care of that.

    1. Ability to control your vendor.

You pay, we deliver!

    1. You get what you pay for, service, service service.

Since you did not buy those computers, it’s not your problem, we must deliver every month!

    1. You get the latest and greatest applications

We are here, just to make your customer service work! Nothing else, we don’t have to make the product, only be sure that your customers are treated well.

    1. Your customers are happy

That’s our business. We deal with the forms and procedures to fairly deal with customer problems.

    1. Computers are not your core business

Build your product, the best in your industry. We’ll do the same for customer service.

At Nauvou we are dedicated to bring you the best possible web based customer service. We can help you to make available all the information that your customers need, without having to talk with your service department. In addition to delivering information, we can provide a complete automated process for warranty claims. Soup to nuts as they say, using web pages and email to the maximum advantage.


Eugene Jones
Author: Eugene Jones
Eugene is the founder of Nauvou, very interested in communicating with manufacturers about all interests in using technology to extend their business.

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