Improving Your Customer Service Reputation Using Cloud Based Technology

Do you want to get your customers to perceive your product as superior? Carefully crafting your customer support web pages can go a long way toward getting the reputation that you deserve.


What is the top problem that your customers experience with your product? Have you thought through the implications of this problem? What problems does it cause for your customer? How long does it take to get your solution in place for the customer? Are multiple steps involved?

If you have all of that in mind, perhaps we can begin to craft a headline for an article on the side bar of your customer support web site.

Here are some examples:

40% of our support calls are answered by this simple fix!

Our top 10 customer support issues and the solutions.

Save your time, here is the solution without calling!

Quick answers for our top 20 complaints.

Hopefully you are beginning to get the picture. Crafting your customer support pages is a whole lot like writing advertising copy. There is a thought, why not have your marketing people help out. After all what you are trying to do is sell your customers on solving their own problem.

Over my many years of experience I have heard many times that customers that solve their own problem are happier than those who must call support. Remember, you need an active, vibrant, helpful customer support message. Very targeted words, that provide the clues that your customer needs to get their problem solved.

Using this web based technology, you have the opportunity to subtly set the stage for correcting misconceptions of about your product.. Sometimes the problem is that another vendors product is not performing correctly and you are stuck dealing with the problem. Draw the line on responsibility, but HELP your customer. Don’t be to quick to blame the other company, that will hurt you as well, but don’t go the other way and take responsibility for problems that are not your own.

Another possibility is that your customers just don’t know what they are doing. Sometimes it’s funny how smart people just miss the problem. One easy example of this is when I lose my internet connection. Of course the 90% solution (that is the solution that solves the issue 90% of the time) is to simply turn everything off, wait five minutes and turn it back on. I’ve done it a hundred times in my life. BUT, many times, for some stupid reason, I skip that step. What a mistake, it’s the 90% solution. So, I waste an hour, fooling around get mad at my ISP, hardware vendor, everyone but myself. If my ISP, or someone, cleverly put in my head that 90% of the time this simple fix would solve my problem, I would be eternally thankful. Perhaps, so thankful, that I would not blame them for having to power everything off and wait five minutes. What really hurts, is when I finally break down and call customer support, after holding for ½ hour, then I get someone who treats me like I’m a fool. It sure would have been nice if the message on hold, had reminded me that the first troubleshooting step is to turn everything off and wait five minutes. Blast out your message, if you have a solution that solves a huge percentage of your customer support calls. Don’t be shy.

I urge you to stand in your customers shoes. Don’t waste their time. Find innovative ways to help the customer solve their own problems.

Beryl Jones
Author: Beryl Jones
Beryl is a founder of Nauvou, very interested in communicating with manufacturers about all interests in using technology to extend their business.