12 Reasons To Use Our Cloud Based Warranty System

Here are 12 of the many reasons you should consider a cloud based warranty claims system.

    1. Immediate deployment.

Web based solutions are available immediately,no waiting for the developers! You can see and change your deployment immediately.


Six Warranty Related Emails To Your Customers

We must all put on a pleasant face for your company in good times and bad. When you begin the transition to a paperless warranty claims process, communication is the key. You should make a serious effort to keep the customer informed as to what the next step in your claims process will be, and when they should expect to hear from you again. Yes, it’s more complicated than you might think! But paperless claims are well worth the effort.


Why have a system at all?

I bet we have all walked into a store to return an item and the clerk had no idea what to do. It’s a sinking feeling, knowing that this will take an extraordinarily amount of time. Even if the clerk is smart, that really does not make up for understanding the process and navigating through it quickly.


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