Nauvou Partner Portal is a web based application.  Their is nothing for you or your dealers to install.  We test with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome,  Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.  

Universal Content

You may deploy content regardless of the platform your dealers use to access your system. If you publish a large photograph of a product, the image will be scaled to fit the device that your dealer/partner uses. You can be confident that your information will be consistent across personal computers, tablets, and smart phones.

Product Ordering

Nauvou provides manufacturers the ability to accept finished goods orders and complete business transactions with their dealers/distributors over the internet. In the Nauvou system, Finished goods have Serial numbers or VINs. Dealer or distributor inventory is tracked, dealer or distributor inventory is relieved when the product warranty is registered. Dealer/distributors enter end user sales information which registers the warranty, this provides you (the manufacturer) with consumer level sales tracking.


Nauvou tracks…
Your customer creates a purchase order.
The order is accepted.
The product is shipped.
The product is shown in your customer’s (the dealer or distributor) inventory.
The product is sold, when, and to whom, the warranty is registered.

You (the manufacturer) know the date/time, and person responsible for each of these transitions.

The manufacturer may provide all manner of electronic media, to their private dealer/distributor network.

Dealers may configure complex products, create purchase orders and track order process.

Home Page

The left hand menu, provides FUNCTIONS. Actions that the dealer may take.

The right hand menu, provides DOCUMENTS that the dealer my use.

Clicking on a document, opens that document in the center pane. If the user wishes to print, the document is printed without the banner or side bars.


Eugene Jones
Author: Eugene Jones
Eugene is the founder of Nauvou, very interested in communicating with manufacturers about all interests in using technology to extend their business.

Portal Info

Nauvou, January 2013 release, is designed with a versatile visual model, based on earlier work running under Lotus Domino. Nauvou adds an intricate mix of subtle style elements much nicer graphical depth whilst maintaining an overall utility.