Nauvou Partner Portal is a web based application.  Their is nothing for you or your dealers to install.  We test with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome,  Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.  

Universal Content

You may deploy content regardless of the platform your dealers use to access your system. If you publish a large photograph of a product, the image will be scaled to fit the device that your dealer/partner uses. You can be confident that your information will be consistent across personal computers, tablets, and smart phones.

Individual Passwords

Each person has their own individual id and password, pricing is not tied to the number of dealer employees. When work is done, it's tracked to the individual, not just the dealer.

Product Ordering

Nauvou provides manufacturers the ability to accept finished goods orders and complete business transactions with their dealers/distributors over the internet. In the Nauvou system, Finished goods have Serial numbers or VINs. Dealer or distributor inventory is tracked, dealer or distributor inventory is relieved when the product warranty is registered. Dealer/distributors enter end user sales information which registers the warranty, this provides you (the manufacturer) with consumer level sales tracking.


Turning Your Partner Network Into A Team

Do you think of your partners as competitors or a team working together to conquer the competition? Your view may be affecting the effectiveness of your team. Yes, your dealer network is your team. They are or can be an organism that works as an entity, learning from failures as well as successes. This article will help you build your partner team.


Register Warranties

Why have the customer send in those old fashioned warranty cards. No one has time to enter them anyway. Let your dealer key that info and you can spend your money selling accessories to your nice fresh customer list.

Portal Info

Nauvou, January 2013 release, is designed with a versatile visual model, based on earlier work running under Lotus Domino. Nauvou adds an intricate mix of subtle style elements much nicer graphical depth whilst maintaining an overall utility.