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    A multitude of features and functions.

    Intuitive interface

    Nauvou offers a custom solution for swift implementation and extensive customizations.

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    Put your most up to date information in your customers hand..

    Nauvou Mobile

    Engage each person as an individual, consumers, dealers, employees.

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    Work From Anywhere.

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    Keep the information flowing even when you are on the road.

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Popular Features

Nauvou Partner Portal is a powerful multifaceted secure publishing platform, that combines many different layout modes; with a custom built user interface. The support for tablets and mobile phones greatly expands the reach to your customers and partners.

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  • Partner Review

    Nauvou has the one click partner productivity review.
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  • Register Warranties

    Why have the customer send in those old fashioned warranty cards. No one has
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  • Product Configurator

    Instead of fax, let your dealers choose among your options using a web form.
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Partner Portal Overview


Login Security

Each dealer employee signs in.  Every action a partner employee makes is signed and dated. You can track every action.


Warranty Registrations

A web based warranty registration function with advanced options such as multiple owners.

Users Manuals

Provide a complete catalog of your manuals organized and ready for your dealers to print. You can provide them in word, pdf, or whatever format you like, it's all up to you.


Dealer Forum

Provide the place for your dealers to ask questions of your support staff or each other. You reap the advantages of facilitating their networking.

Product Configurations

Dealers can choose the exact feature set on each product order. Extensive support for complex product orders.


Order Tracking

Dealers can track the process of every order they place, without resorting to telephone calls.


Customer [span class="hidden-tablet"]Satisfaction[/span]

  • Customer Satisfaction >

    Flexible and powerful system to promote customer satisfaction through superior design.
  • Stunning Interface >

    Nauvou provides a fast, powerful and uniquely intuitive interface to control all aspects of partner communications.
  • Integrated Features >

    Integrated with a lot of built-in features such as Social Buttons, Dated Transactions, Custom Documentation Library, etc
  • Individual Passwords >

    Each person has their own individual id and password, pricing is not tied to the number of dealer employees. When
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